This blog is about movies and TV shows and the depth behind them. Im not just talking about how awesome that explosion was, I’m talking about how we perceive them and the idealism of the things we perceive. Things like the writing, camera angles, narration, and overall beauty to the film or tv show. The  Movies are a great way to kill time and be entertained at the same time. I like to think more in-depth about what happens in movies and lessons you can learn from them, also to appreciate how well written and well made the movie is. TV shows on the other hand can give you weeks of entertainment. I think the power of picture is very moving and we can all be inspired by movies we have seen. They give you perspective on all things good and bad, they make you feel for the people on screen even though you know its just a movie or show.

My name is Kendrick, I’m 19 and grew up in a small town in Iowa. I still currently live here and have a part time job at a store called Theisens and working part time for Amway. I guess what brought me here to Full Sail was movies, since I was a kid I love going to see a movie on the weekends. It was as if all my problems went away when I’m watching movies. That’s when I found my love for computer animation and have been passionate about it ever since. I am currently studying for a bachelors degree in computer animation and I’m loving every second of Full Sail so far. I have deep appreciation for movies and TV and it seems that’s what brought me here, so I thought that’s what I would make this blog about!

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